Tracy Alvord runs a state agency that plays a big role in deciding how closely Georgia's sex offenders are watched once they leave prison and return to local communities.

For the past decade, Alvord has headed up the little-known state agency that plays a big role in how Georgia’s more-than 23,000 sex offenders are tracked after they’ve served time in prison for convictions of rape, child molestation or possessing child pornography.

Alvord is the executive director of the state Sexual Offender Registration Review Board (called “SORRB”) that classifies Georgia’s sex offenders according to certain risk levels. Its aim is to help police and parole officers decide which offenders need the closest monitoring.

With a tenure spanning most of the agency’s existence, Alvord has shaped how her small team of investigators and evaluators review loads of criminal records and psychological reports to assign every sex offender an official risk level.

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