Voters across the Peach State largely encountered few difficulties at the election polls today.  Sporadic instances of polling place mixups, technical glitches and other obstacles were reported across the state, but nothing that elections observers and experts deemed out of the ordinary.

Annah Lyles, a security worker who works a night shift, came out to vote Tuesday morning  at the FanPlex polling station south of downtown Atlanta. In 2020, she said, she had to wait up to three hours to cast her ballot, this year there was no wait.

In polling places across Fulton County visited by State Affairs, the refrain was largely the same: It was a smooth and quick process. 

The likely cause for that, experts and officials say, is this year’s  record in-person early vote turnout, which Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling said was set to surpass 2018’s numbers. 

Republican officials like Gov. Brian Kemp and Sterling credited this success to the controversial voting law passed last year -  S.B. 202, which critics have assailed in particular over concerns it restricts absentee voting. The law also made changes to the number of precincts and drop-boxes in certain jurisdictions. 

The law’s tighter deadlines and additional signature requirements may also dissuade people from voting absentee, critics and elections experts have said.

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