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Georgians flocked to the polls in record-breaking numbers for the 2022 primary elections. Battle lines have been drawn in several key races. Others head to runoffs in June. 


Kemp vs. Abrams 2.0

Once again, Georgia voters will choose between Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams to become governor. The difference this year: Democratic office-seekers have made more headway in Georgia than Kemp and Abrams’ last matchup in 2018.

Kemp, a Republican, edged out Abrams, a Democrat, by less than 55,000 votes four years ago. The close margin fueled state Democratic leaders’ push to flip U.S. Senate seats long held by Republicans and Georgia’s presidential pick in 2020.

Expect a big media blitz with mud slinging from both campaigns to start in coming weeks.

In his victory speech, Kemp accused Abrams of using her campaigns for governor to raise her profile in preparation for a future run for president. Abrams has denied interest in running for president.

“Unfortunately for Stacey Abrams, the people of our state aren’t going to be used as a stepping stone to the White House,” Kemps said. “We’re going to make sure that Stacey Abrams’ road to Pennsylvania Avenue stops right here in the Peach State.”

Shortly after, Abrams slammed Kemp for signing a bill to allow concealed-carry guns with permits in Georgia. Her comments came amid news that a gunman killed 19 elementary school students and two adults at a Texas school.

“Kemp disqualified himself when he pushed a criminal carry bill that will put more guns on our streets and make us less safe. … Years from now, Kemp will be remembered as a one-term governor who pointed a gun at a boy on television,” Abrams said in a news release, referring to Kemp’s 2018 campaign ad in which he pointed a shotgun in the direction of a young man.

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