Thousands of Georgia students are enrolled in state-funded charter schools that show a hit-or-miss track record over the past decade of staying open as charters.

State Affairs has found dozens of charter schools in Georgia have either closed or reverted to traditional public schools since 2009, while dozens more charter schools have also opened during that time.

Amid the turnover, many charter schools show promising trends in boosting academic progress for some of Georgia’s roughly 150,000 students at chronically low-performing schools. That track record paints a curious picture on the staying power of Georgia’s charter schools, particularly once the COVID-19 pandemic ends and many parents rethink where they want to send their kids to school.

Supporters see a bright future ahead for charter schools with room to grow among their ranks. Critics wonder whether many charter schools only offer better educational options on paper, but fall short when it comes to actually delivering a better school experience for lower-performing students.

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