Schiffman is among a handful of Georgia professors who have sought to move their classes online this semester, going against orders not to do so. Some of those professors have resigned recently or been fired.

In August, a professor at Georgia State University’s (GSU) Perimeter College was fired for refusing to teach her classes without masks and offering to move the classes online, according to news reports. Another GSU professor filed a complaint earlier this month after school officials denied his request to teach online, despite providing a doctor’s note that said he has a heart condition putting his health at risk if he were to contract COVID-19, according to news reports.

Schiffman worries he may be heading down the same road as those professors – though he remains dead-set on keeping one of his larger classes online, even if it costs him his job.

“For the greater good of my students, I’m keeping that class online,” Schiffman said in a recent interview. “Period.”

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