The Challenges of Changing Georgia’s Public School Funding System

5 min read
56 words
Beau Evans
Feb 24, 2022
Key Points
  • State lawmakers and experts disagree on how to update Georgia’s 40-year-old formula for funding public k-12 schools.
  • Some point to low grades among schools with high per-student spending as evidence more money might not help struggling schools.
  • Others argue additional funds for low-income students could promote smaller class sizes and more teacher attention.
Paying for Georgia’s roughly 2,300 public k-12 and charter schools ranks among the state’s most important taxpayer costs. At $12 billion this year, state spending on schools dwarfs other crucial expenses like Medicaid, law enforcement and mental-health service. Why, then, have state lawmakers not agreed on how to update Georgia’s nearly 40-year-old system for divvying ...

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