Jimmy Carter: A look at his Georgia

Carter in Plains campaign stop

Jimmy Carter makes a campaign stop in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, on Sept. 10, 1976. (Credit: Thomas J. O'Halloran/Library of Congress)

News on Feb. 17 that the country’s longest-living president and Georgia’s 76th governor was entering hospice care stunned Georgians and many others around the world.

State Affairs has been taking a look at the life and legacy of former President Jimmy Carter, a native of Plains. We also have invited those close to him personally and politically to talk about the man, his impact on Georgia, and his legacy  — particulars that you won’t find anywhere else.

Below is a map that shows some of Carter's impacts on the state, as well as links to commentary by some who know "Mr. Jimmy" and a link to a timeline and little-known facts about his life.

We also invite you to share your thoughts and memories about President Carter and his family. You can do so via social media. See the links below.