The Winners and Losers of Georgia’s New Political Maps

House Speaker David Ralston calls to order the ...

Key Points
  • Redistricting determines the political future of the state but also how federal and state funds are allocated to your community.
  • GOP likely to lose a few seats but retain a strong majority in Georgia House and Senate.
  • Democrats likely to lose a member in U.S. Congress that will narrow control of U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Splitting of certain minority communities and cities raises questions about gerrymandering.
Redistricting, the once-in-a-decade ritual that wrapped up this week in Georgia, may seem like political insider-baseball, and even the name might make your eyes glaze over. But the process, beset by accusations of gerrymandering and a lack of transparency, is hugely important: it determines the political future of your state, county and city for years ...