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The month that rocked the presidential race

Jul 25, 2024

For almost six months into what was to be the most sensational presidential election in modern times, it seemed to be akin to Europe’s “Phony War” of 1940.  Then came the debate President Joe Biden had wanted with Donald J. Trump on June 27, and suddenly Biden’s disastrous performance became the Democrats’ worst-case scenario. Biden’s …

3 county judges picked as finalists for Court of Appeals spot

Jul 24, 2024

Three county judges have been picked as the finalists to fill an upcoming vacancy on the Indiana Court of Appeals. That list, approved by Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission this week, did not include former Allen County Judge Wendy Davis, who applied for the appeals court spot just weeks after losing her race for the Republican …

Why don’t we learn from economic development failures?

Jul 24, 2024

MUNCIE, Ind. — Many economic development leaders and elected officials think of their state or city as a business. They approach economic development policies trying to make their place competitive by offering tax incentives or direct subsidies. They also anguish over image, trying to market their community as if it were a product or service. …

State officials look to more data, new forecast to determine Medicaid’s budget impact

Jul 23, 2024

State officials on Tuesday said they were waiting for fiscal year-end data and a new Medicaid forecast to ascertain how the program’s ballooning expenditures will affect the state’s bottom line. State Comptroller Elise Nieshalla, Office of Management and Budget Director Cris Johnston and Acting State Budget Director Joseph Habig held a news conference Tuesday highlighting …

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A context of our current economic ‘crisis’

Jul 19, 2024

A recent comparison of the American economy under Donald Trump and Joe Biden consisted of nine indicators, each better under Trump than under Biden. Unaccompanied by dates or sources, these data were impossible to verify. They were devoid of context and were the very essence of political propaganda. From January 2017, when Trump took office, …

GOP’s convention unity may be contrasting with a mirage

Jul 18, 2024

It’s been nine years since Donald Trump arrived on the American presidential scene, prompting me to finish a number of columns by simply saying, “Anything can happen.” And so it goes. Republicans, gathered at their national convention in Milwaukee this week, are united and feeling exuberant about their chances in November.  U.S. Sen. Mike Braun, …

Growing up in a politically violent America

Jul 18, 2024

On a sullen late-November day in 1963, we returned from our afternoon recess to find our second grade teacher ashen and sad. As we settled into our chairs, Miss Smith told us she had some terrible news to share: President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. I don’t recall if I knew what “assassination” meant …

Vance replaces Pence on GOP ticket

Jul 18, 2024

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The new Mike Pence on the Donald Trump ticket, if Trump prevails, will be just like the old, discarded Pence. Except … As vice president, Pence was there with Trump, event after event, day after day, loyally supporting the president. Like a friendly potted plant, Pence was always there in the …

We are nearing Fed rate cuts

Jul 17, 2024

MUNCIE, Ind. — The past three months of economic data offer an increasingly clear picture to Federal Reserve policymakers wrestling with the moment to begin cutting interest rates. The next meeting to consider rate cuts occurs July 30 and 31. It is possible the Fed will cut rates at that meeting. Instead, it might hold …

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“This road map contains the foundation for building a better Evansville. Between now and April 9 we will continue to build a strong team of collaborative, creative city leaders and to create a culture of transparency, accountability and accessibility.”

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Indiana DNC delegation endorses Harris

Jul 23, 2024

Indiana’s Democratic National Convention delegation on Monday unanimously voted to endorse Vice President Kamala Harris’ presidential candidacy, the state party said. Indiana’s 88 delegates, originally pledged to President Joe Biden, are unbound to any specific candidate after he announced Sunday he was leaving the race. Their endorsement comes as Democrats across the country have moved …

Bopp withdraws without explanation from handling state cases

Jul 22, 2024

Conservative activist lawyer James Bopp has withdrawn from cases in which he was representing the Indiana Attorney General’s Office in state and federal court. Bopp declined to comment Monday to State Affairs about why he filed requests with courts last week to withdraw from the three current cases his Terre Haute law firm was handling. …

State Medicaid expenditures draw closer to forecast, budget

Jul 22, 2024

Indiana’s Medicaid expenditures have inched closer to what state officials budgeted and forecast, a new financial report shows. According to a monthly Medicaid report published by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, the state’s fiscal year Medicaid expenditures totaled $18.2 billion, after adjustments, through May, the latest month financial data was available. The expenditures …

Rokita, 17 states support former Indiana teacher who wouldn’t use transgender names, pronouns

Jul 19, 2024

Attorney General Todd Rokita co-led an amicus brief submitted Wednesday on behalf of 17 states asking a federal appeals court to side with a former Indiana teacher who wouldn’t use transgender students’ preferred names and pronouns. In 2019, John Kluge, a former Brownsburg High School music teacher, sued the school corporation after he was forced …

Indiana’s unemployment rate hits near 3-year high

Jul 19, 2024

Indiana’s unemployment rate increased to 3.8% last month, the highest it has been in nearly three years. The last time Indiana saw an unemployment rate above 3.7% was in September 2021. However, despite the uptick, Indiana’s rate remains below what economists have traditionally considered “full employment.” In June, the national unemployment rate also rose slightly …