John Stehr speaks on Zionville Mayor Emily Styron’s decision to not seek a second term

Jan 03, 2023

Mayor Styron’s announcement comes as no surprise to anyone who has watched her contentious relationship with the Town Council for the past three years. Her brief tenure as Mayor has been filled with controversy, poor communication, and mismanagement. The focus must now shift to the future – with a new inclusive, approach to town leadership. My campaign has focused on casting a vision for the future of Zionsville – a vision that restores faith in town government by getting our finances in order, making sure that public safety stays ahead of the rapid growth, and competing for more of central Indiana’s economic pie while preserving the small-town charm and character that is uniquely ‘Zionsville.’

– Zionsville Republican mayoral candidate John Stehr on Democrat Mayor Emily Styron’s decision not to seek a second term.