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citizen explained

The Citizen subscription is designed to inform and engage citizens, voters and individuals with an interest in state-level governance and its impact on their lives.

Explainers and Guides: Simplified explanations of state policies, processes, and the role of state governments.

Playmaker Profiles: Meet and learn from individuals and organizations that are impacting and influencing politics.

Public Opinion Analysis: Understand the diverse perspectives within communities and influential state leaders in public opinion analysis pieces.

pro explained

The State Affairs Pro subscription is built for professionals working in state government and related fields such as lobbying, law, education, government relations, public policy, and other related disciplines.

State Government News: The latest developments in state government, including legislative operations, elections, and court rulings.

Policy Analysis: Detailed examinations of key policy issues, legislative proposals, and regulatory frameworks at the state level.

Exclusive Features: Advocacy tools, legislative directories, capitol-focused job board, with more features to come.