How does voting by political party work in Georgia?

Georgia voting by party

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Georgia primary elections are open to all voters regardless of party affiliation. It’s an “open primary” state that doesn’t register voters by party. Every primary voter has three ballot choices: Democrat, Republican and Non-partisan (judges, constitutional questions, etc.). 

However, when there is a runoff election in a primary race, you may only vote for a candidate of the party you chose in the primary. You can’t switch parties. If you didn’t vote in the primary, you can still vote in the runoff. (By the way, “primaries are elections that political parties use to select candidates for a general election,” according to the Federal Voting Assistance Program).

In the general election and subsequent runoffs, your party choice in the primary has no bearing. You can vote for any candidate of any party. 

Review your voter registration info on the Georgia voter website.

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