What to Expect for Georgia Government, Politics in 2022

Credit: Beau Evans (State Affairs)

Key Points
  • The continued fallout from the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact people as well as policy and politics.
  • Redistricting will have immediate consequences on 2022 election results.
  • Social justice and statewide violent crime issues will continue to dominate headlines and political debates.
As the Peach State moves past 2021, State Affairs takes a moment here to reflect on what events of the past year are most likely to have a continued impact on Georgia’s people, politics and policy in 2022. From the pandemic to tax policy, a lot has impacted citizens across the state. Georgia’s nursing shortage is one of many issues the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened over the last nearly two years. (Credit: Brittney Phan for State Affairs) COVID-19  The pandemic ...