More than 330,000 Hoosiers disenrolled from Medicaid so far under ‘unwinding’

The Indiana Statehouse dome in 2023. (Credit: Mark Curry)

Jan 19, 2024

Indiana dropped another 28,142 Hoosiers from its Medicaid rolls in December, as the state nears the end of its “unwinding” effort. Indiana has now disenrolled 330,413 Hoosiers from Medicaid coverage since the start of the process. 

State officials have said about 400,000 would likely be dropped by May.

The slight over-the-month increase comes as fewer Hoosiers were scheduled to have their benefit renewals reviewed compared to nearly 143,000 in November. In December, more than 132,000 Hoosiers receiving Medicaid benefits were due for renewal reviews, according to the state’s latest report to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Medicaid disenrollments have continued on a mostly  downward trend since the start of the unwinding process:

  • November — 27,477 
  • October — 34,391
  • September — 32,027
  • August — 32,404
  • July — 33,708
  • June — 35,595
  • May — 53,684
  • April — 52,985

The number of Hoosiers receiving Medicaid benefits declined to 2.01 million in December, down from a peak of 2.26 million in April, according to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

The unwinding effort continues after the administration acknowledged in December its nearly $1 billion Medicaid forecasting error. The administration underestimated the number of aging Hoosiers who would need long-term services in home or community settings. State officials said in December they plan to use an additional $713.1 million from the state’s surplus and $271.2 million from a Medicaid reserve account to pay for the unanticipated costs.

Nationwide, more than 15 million Medicaid enrollees have been disenrolled since the end of a federal continuous enrollment provision that allowed some to continue receiving Medicaid benefits through the pandemic, according to KFF, a health policy research organization.

Indiana has the 15th most total disenrollments of all states to date, according to KFF.

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