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Administrative Specialist (206859)

  • Kansas Department of Health and Environment
  • Topeka (Full-Time)

Posted: Jul 21, 2023


Job Description
The position (K0235299) Review and consult with medical certifiers (physicians and coroners) to ensure sensitive medical data (cause of death) is correctly reported by analyzing and interpreting cause listed on death certificates. Determine if the medical certifier on death certificate is the appropriate certifier and has the authority to certify death certificates. Analyze, determine, and identify whether the medical data reported needs further data collected or should be rejected. Query medical certifier to obtain additional data for cause in writing. Take appropriate required action based on knowledge regarding rules, regulations, policies, and procedures for filing vital events. Confer and provide guidance to medical certifier who may not understand how to classify cause of death properly by discussing the differences between immediate cause and underlying cause of death. Complete data that has been left blank, search the internet to obtain complete description of medical condition and correct spelling errors as necessary to ensure the record is accurate and complete. Assign state file number and bar code: print death record to be scanned into imaging system and prepare record for off-site storage.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following: Provide technical assistance and guidance to midwives and parents regarding the filing of birth certificates for those induvial who were not born in a birthing facility. Validate the birth being reported occurred in the state of Kansas by reviewing and validating various documentation. Ensures the birth certificate being filed is complete, accurate and complies with statues, regulations and guidelines and is not being filed for fraudulent purposes. This requires adherence to and knowledge of the Uniform Vital Statistics Act, office policies and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. Uses independent judgment to approve or deny the filing of the birth certificate. Contacts midwives and parents either by phone or in writing for additional information needed to filed the birth certificate or to inform he parents the birth certificate cannot be filed.

Process birth certificates released to the State by the hospitals. Check any accompanying documents or correspondence to assure compliance with statues, regulations, and guidelines. Confers by telephone with hospital birth clerks and midwives advising them when Birth Certificates or Paternity Consent forms (PCF) are not acceptable and what is needed to make them acceptable to meet statutory requirements. Scans each birth certificate and accompanying correspondence using a sopicval scanner with places the image on an Optical Disk and assigns the image a unique document identification number. Indexes each scanned image by viewing the image on a PC monitor, comparing it with the Vital Trak database information. Attaches correspondence and documentation to the appropriate birth certificate and files the birth certificate in state file number order.

High School, GED

Licensing & Certification:
Valid Driver’s License – Incumbent is required to have and maintain a valid driver’s license when operating a state vehicle, a private vehicle, or a rental vehicle for the benefit of the State.

Minimum Qualifications:
Two years of experience in general office, clerical and administrative support work.


Preferred Qualifications
Any additional skills, experiences, or qualifications that would be beneficial, but aren’t strictly necessary.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Word, Excel, Access
  • Proofreading, editing, attention to detail
  • Ability to read, interpret, apply statutes and regulations
  • Strong organization skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience in customer service, computer, telephone, optical disk imaging and supervision.

Post-Offer, Pre-employment Requirements:
In accordance with K.S.A. 65-2402(b), any person offered a position of employment in the Office of Vital Statistics will be required to be fingerprinted and to submit to a state and national criminal history record check for the purpose of identification verification and the determination of the applicant’s eligibility to perform tasks within the Office of Vital Statistics.

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Contact Information

[email protected]

Salary Range

$ 15.02 to 16.54