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CARE Program Manager

  • Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services
  • Topeka (Full-Time)

Posted: Nov 01, 2023


Job Description:

Management and Coordination of Assessment Services:

Plan, direct and oversee the development, implementation and monitoring of activities for the CARE Level I and Level II programs to ensure compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations and maximum delivery of services to Kansas Elders. Review, evaluate and approve or disapprove policy initiations, operating procedures, program goals and objectives and implementation plans for CARE programs submitted by development teams. Work with KDADS’s Policy Analyst to develop policy relative to CARE Level I and Level II programs; provide direction and guidance to agency staff who manage CARE programs and to providers who administer services to Kansas Elders. Review, analyze and compare federal, state and local statutes and regulations relative to agency policy and consult with KDADS legal staff to ensure that policies and procedures are in compliance with applicable legislation and initiate changes in agency policy and/or Service Provider Agreements to correct any identified discrepancies. Meet and confer with Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) contractors and other individuals as indicated to discuss the level of assistance provided, evaluate information gathered, identify needed changes and work with ADRC to ensure changes are implemented to improve the level of assistance provided at Level I. Manage CARE program budged expenditures to ensure that budget expenditures are consistent with budget allocations and that the unit operates at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Develop strategic plans for the unit’s operation and performance to provide direction and guidance to unit staff, establish criteria for use in rating unit effectiveness and provide a basis for budget development to the commissioner. Review, analyze and determine the fiscal impact of Level II and make rate recommendations to the division director for consideration of statewide implementation. Provide oversight of the Level II rate setting process. Develop and provide Level I and II provider training.

Staff Supervision:

Assign and evaluate the work of employees which include a CARE Administrative Assistant, CARE Specialist, CARE Level II Specialist responsible for assessments, technical assistance education and guidance to ADRCs, nursing facilities, hospitals, home health agencies and other program providers. Interview, select and recommend hire to fill these positions as vacancies occur. Provide direction and support to ensure that each employee understand processes and procedures relative to his/her position and to encourage professional growth and development.

Public Relations and Education:

Develop materials and training to include train the trainer for Level I and Level II assessors. Prepare and deliver professional presentations to community groups and public gatherings and participate in national, regional and state conferences to promote awareness of KDADS programs, i.e. CARE programs. Coordinate Oversight Council quarterly meetings and CARE/ADRC monthly training calls.

Planning and Reporting:

Analyze data collected during Serve as witness and/or testify at appeal hearings. CARE assessments and evaluate performance levels of CARE program, identify problems, concerns and unmet customer needs and assemble conclusions into an Annual Report. Work with Information Services staff to compile data into reporting formats as required or requested. Edit and/or direct the production of the CARE sections in the KDADS Annual Report.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Two years of experience in providing direction necessary to implement the objectives of an agency, program, or organizational unit. Education may be substituted for experience as determined relevant by the agency.
  • Knowledge of community resources and nursing home regulations, policy, and law
  • Ability to make sound judgement in evaluating if field assessors have performed proper assessment of the individual and made appropriate recommendations.
  • Potential Travel

Preferred Qualifications:

Any additional skills, experiences, or qualifications that would be beneficial, but aren’t strictly necessary.

  • Two years of experience in managing, administering, and/or supervising human, physical or communication resources
  • Two years supervisory experience
  • Two/Four-year associates/bachelor’s degree in relevant field (health administration, business administration, social work, human services, human resources)

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Information for applicants who have additional questions about the role or the application process. KDADS – Human Resources Recruiter: 503 S. Kansas Avenue, Topeka, KS 66603. Phone: 785-296-0463, Fax: 785-368-6688, Email: [email protected].