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Legislative Assistant

  • Indiana House Republicans
  • Indianapolis (Full Time)

Posted: Aug 01, 2023


Job Description:

To assist legislators in successfully fulfilling their public obligations by providing support services in the areas of constituent communication, policy research, public relations and administration.


A legislative assistant must be able to work closely and professionally with elected officials and state representatives.  They should have a general interest and knowledge in the legislative process and state government.  Excellent communication, organization and people skills are essential to a legislative assistant.  Customer service experience is preferred.  A bachelor’s degree and proficiency in basic office computer and equipment is required.

While the legislature is in session, a legislative assistant must be able to handle working in a hectic, fast-paced work environment.  A legislative assistant may be required to work over a normal eight-hour work day or on a weekend with little or no advance notice.  All House employees are expected to maintain high ethical and confidentiality standards consistent with office policies.  Limited travel may be required of a legislative assistant.  A legislative assistant reports directly to the Director of Legislative Operations and is subject to an annual performance evaluation.

Job Functions: these tasks may vary depending on the needs of individual legislators

  • Constituent Correspondence: A legislative assistant acts as the liaison between the legislator and their constituents and is responsible for communicating, both orally and in writing, on a member’s behalf about legislation, the legislative process and the member’s opinions.
  • Constituent Management: Legislative assistants must track constituent communication using the Intranet Quorum Constituent Management software provided by the House.
  • Constituent Casework: Legislative assistants must be problem solvers who are able to navigate the inner workings of state government to manage constituent inquiries.
  • Constituent Outreach: The legislative department is responsible for individualized constituent outreach programs designed to increase the name I.D. of our legislators through mass mailings, school programs, tour groups, etc.
  • Committee Coverage: Each legislative assistant staffs at least one standing and several interim legislative committees.  They are required to attend hearings, submit reports on legislation and write talking points.
  • Research: Legislators frequently require policy research for constituent responses, new legislation, amendments, and remarks on the House Floor and in committee.  This task may involve searching the Indiana Code, past legislation and national legislation databases.
  • Tracking: Legislators often need assistance tracking legislative issues through the process.  This may entail monitoring committee reports, using the IGA website and working with other legislative assistants.
  • District Knowledge: Legislative assistants should be familiar with their legislator’s district and district specific issues.  This may involve limited travel to the district.
  • Town Hall Meetings: Legislative assistants may assist representatives in arranging, attending and tracking town hall meetings in and out of session.
  • Organization and Preparation: During the legislative session, a legislative assistant provides organization support, i.e. preparing bills for session and committee.
  • Scheduling: Legislative assistants may also be required to manage a representative’s schedule, legislative travel and provide all materials.
  • Intern Supervising: During session, legislative assistants are responsible for managing the work and daily responsibilities of an intern.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume and application via email to Brittany Jenkins, Director of Legislative Operations for the Indiana House Republicans,  at [email protected].